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. . . to the DMU Commons. A blogging platform and social network that links together staff and students from across De Montfort University into one online community.

In this space you can create your own Blog or Website

Getting Started – We advise all new users to read the Administration section.

Following this, select the ‘Help Centre’ tab and the menu option ‘Building your Site’.

Please use the Help Centre tab to find information, guidelines and online support for the use of the tools in the Commons for creating, sharing and re-using your social world at DMU.

The Help Centre should be your first port-of-call for any queries.

Ensure that you read About Our DMU to see your rights and responsibilities on the Commons. Please respect this social space.

There are some examples of blogs and sites listed in ‘Example Blogs & Sites’

You can view all public DMU Commons blog posts (past and present) via the ‘View All Commons Blog Posts’ link