Terms and Conditions

OurDMU Terms and Conditions

Site owners are accountable for the accessibility of their sites and must adhere to DMU Accessibility Guidelines

OurDMU operates a retention policy and when any of the following expiry conditions are met the site and any content will be automatically deleted.

  • All student sites 1 year after graduation   
  • All sites with no changes or updates within the previous 18 months   
  • All sites four years after creation

Site owners are responsible for renewing or taking copies of data that would otherwise expire and be deleted.

Site owners will receive a notification two months and again one month before sites are decommissioned. Where owners require an extension they must contact ITMS requesting an extension, stating the reason and length of time required. 

There will be periodic service outages for maintenance, the dates for which will be published on the OurDMU homepage and users given at least 4 weeks notice via email.

ITMS may temporarily suspend the service at any time in response to cyber thereat or to block inappropriate content.

Only Themes and Plugins that meet cyber-security and accessibility standards will be made available on the OurDMU Platform. ITMS reserve the right to remove Themes and Plugins that cease to meet cyber-security and accessibility standards and site owners will be expected to reformat content accordingly. ITMS will provide as much notice as possible where themes and plug-ins are to be discontinued.

Use of OurDMU is subject to other existing DMU policies and attention is drawn to the following:

Site owners are asked to be particularly mindful of the following within section 5 of Use of Information Systems Policy (Section 5, Inappropriate Material):

5.1. DMU has a statutory duty to abide by all UK legislation and relevant legislation of the European Community related to the holding and processing of information. Relevant legislation is listed in the Principal Information Security Policy,

5.2. DMU has a general duty, under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, to have due regard when exercising its functions to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

5.3. DMU IT facilities may not be used for any activity that may reasonably be regarded as unlawful or potentially so. This includes, but is not limited to, any of the following activities. Create, download, store or transmit material that is:

    • Unlawful
    • Indecent
    • Offensive
    • Defamatory
    • Threatening
    • Discriminatory
    • Extremist
    • Intended to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.
    • Infringes the copyright of another person
    • Unsolicited bulk or marketing material to users of networked facilities or services, save where that material is embedded within, or is otherwise part of, a service to which the university has chosen to subscribe.

5.5. The university reserves the right to block or monitor access to such material.