The DMU Commons is hosted at De Montfort University. It is overseen by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT). The technical infrastructure is supported and maintained by Information Technology and Media Services (ITMS)


As WordPress is a global open source platform it relies on site users to develop/support/maintain/and future proof its tools (themes, plugins, widgets, etc). To this end, there is no guarantee that a theme, tool, or plugin that is installed on the DMU Commons today will remain compatible with future upgrades and updates of the Commons site. This may result in certain themes, tools or plugins no longer functioning at some point in the future. The consequence of which might be that some sites lose certain functionality.

When registering on the DMU Commons and hosting your content on the DMU Commons, site users do so with an understanding and acceptance of the above advisory.

Take down policy

All Rights Reserved: The DMU Commons team reserves the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments, blogs or sites. They also have the right to block access to any person(s) or group(s) from commenting on particular blogs or sites, or from the entire Commons site.

Reporting Content

The DMU Commons is an open space where site users are free to post/host/disseminate content. The Commons is not continually monitored or policed; as such we rely on the DMU Commons community to report content that infringes the guidelines.

If you discover content on the DMU Commons that you feel is inappropriate, in light of the user guidelines. Please contact DMU Commons Support immediately.

DMU Commons updates and upgrades

WordPress periodically releases updates and upgrades for the core WordPress system, as well as updates and upgrades of plugins, widgets, themes, and other tools that add to the functionality.

DMU Commons support will evaluate the update/upgrade requirements of the DMU Commons on a yearly basis. Critical updates and bug fixes will be implemented as soon as possible after the critical update or bug fix has been identified. All site users will be informed of any planned DMU Commons site maintenance.

What happens to blogs/sites when Staff and Students leave DMU?

When Staff and Students leave DMU they will no longer be able to log in to their DMU Commons blog/site. Their site will remain visible to Commons users.

It is advised that prior to leaving DMU registered users of the DMU commons who have an active blog/site export a copy of their blog/site for their records. Exported WordPress sites can be imported into other WordPress systems, as well as other blog hosting systems.

Tell me how to export my DMU Commons blog/site


No reliance on information

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Limitation of our liability

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