OurDMU Archive Site

OurDMU Archive Site

This site will be decommissioned on 30th October 2020.

OurDMU has been relaunched following recent maintenance works to ensure resilience and increase protection against cyber-attacks.

The OurDMU Archive hosts older site content and is available at https://our-archive.dmu.ac.uk. Please note, the OurDMU Archive service is read-only and only available from devices on campus.

If you had an old site on the OurDMU Archive, you can access it by replacing the domain in the site’s URL e.g. if your site was called mysite.our.dmu.ac.uk this is now available at mysite.our-archive.dmu.ac.uk.

Migrating your site

Site owners who require public access to old sites are advised to create a new website and copy the contents there. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE FROM MACHINES LOCATED ON THE DMU NETWORK (ON CAMPUS). The following describes the two stage process for how to achieve this:

  • Login to your archive site at https://our.dmu.ac.uk
  • Go to the dashboard of the site you wish to migrate
  • Locate the Tools option on the left side menu and choose Export
  • Select All content and click Download Export File
  • An XML file will be downloaded to your computer
  • Login to https://our.dmu.ac.uk/wp-admin
  • Go to https://our.dmu.ac.uk/wp-signup.php and create a new site. The site name should be the same as your archive site e.g. if your archive site was called mysite.our-archive.dmu.ac.uk, the new site should be called mysite.our.dmu.ac.uk
  • Go to the dashboard of your new site
  • Locate the Tools option on the left side menu and choose Import
  • Click on Run Importer
  • Choose File and upload the previously saved XML file
  • You will be asked to assign content to existing users on the new site
  • Make sure to tick Download and import file attachments
  • Click on Submit
  • Your content will now be imported to your new site.