Copy content from one DMU Commons site to another

1.In the dashboard of the site you want to copy, select: Tools > Export

2. In the Export window select All content and click the Download Export File

3. Save the file to your local computer


This export process will not copy any media files (e.g. images, videos, audio) that are in the Media Library section of your blog/site. These should be backed up separately to your local computer

4. Navigate to the DMU Commons site into which you want to copy the content

5. In the dashboard of the site select: Tools > Import


6. Choose the WordPress option


7. Browse your computer for the file that you exported and click the Upload file and import button


8. You may need to change the author of the imported content to an administrator on the new site. If you want to import files that are attached to pages on the old site make sure to check the Download and import file attachments box; click Submit.