We will post solutions to any queries that come in to us below. Click on the questions to expand/collapse the answers.

What is the Dashboard menu used for?

The Dashboard area gives you control over the structure, content and functionality of your blog/site.

For more info see: The Dashboard explained

What do I do with the messages that appear at the top of my dashboard page, asking if I want to update stuff?

You may see update messages appear at the top of your blog/site dashboard page. E.g.updates

You can ignore these messages.

How do I change the font on my blog?

Font style depends on the theme you are using for your blog/site. Themes come with default fonts which cannot be changed.

How do I add pictures to my blog?

If you want a picture then you need to upload media into your site’s media library [stored as an item of content that you can re-use], and then select it when you write your page/posting. Or you can just post an image directly into a page/posting. See the tutorial at http://our.dmu.ac.uk/help/tutorials/add-image/

How do I amend the privacy settings for my blog?

You can make your blog private/personal, or invite people in as subscribers [a project team, or a tutorial/seminar group], or make it open to the world. See: http://our.dmu.ac.uk/building-your-site/#privacy

How do I change the main navigation menu on my site?

You can re-configure the main navigation menu to include the links that you want. See: https://our.dmu.ac.uk/configuring-the-main-navigation-menu/

How do I add DMU staff and students as authors and editors on my blog?

You can add DMU staff or students (or any other person who is registered on the DMU Commons) to your blog or site. You can also control how much access they have in terms of being able to edit content on your blog/site.See: Add DMU users to your blog or site

How do I add external colleagues as authors and editors on my blog?

It is possible to add external users to your Commons site and give them editor rights (the ability to add and edit content on the site). However, the process for adding external users does require several steps and processes; including emailing the users whom you want to add to your site. See: Add external (non-DMU) users to my DMU Commons site


It is your responsibility to ensure that all guest users that are added to the DMU Commons on your behalf are aware of, understand and agree to abide by the DMU Commons Guidelines for online behaviour.

Can I bulk enrol several users on my site?

No. There is no mechansim for bulk enrolling users on your site. They can only be added individually, one by one.

An external user on my site has forgotten their username or password and can't log in. How do they find out what their username and password is?

Email them the following link which will show them how to re-set their account: https://our.dmu.ac.uk/external-user-password-reset/

How do I remove users from my blog or site

How do I add internet-based videos (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo or Google Video) to my blog?

Can I obtain site statistics for my Blog?

Yes you can, Site Statistics in WordPress provide you with the latest information on your site activity, which include statistics on how many people are visiting your site, where these people are coming from, which blog posts are popular and which ‘search engine terms’ are directing people to your site. A graph appears in the banner menu of your blog/site when you are logged in – clicking on this graph will open the Site Statistics tool. Note: site statistics only show the previous 30 days of activity. It does not retain any historic statistics further back than 30 days.

You can also access your site stats by clicking the WP-Piwik link in the dashboard menu.


What happens to my blog/site when I leave DMU?

When Staff and Students leave DMU they will no longer be able to log in to their DMU Commons blog/site. Their site/content will still be visible to visitors to the Commons.
It is advised that prior to leaving DMU registered users of the DMU commons, who have an active blog/site export their blog/site, export a copy of their blog/site for their records.

NOTE: Exported WordPress sites can be imported into other WordPress systems, as well as other blog hosting systems.

Tell me how to export my DMU Commons blog/site

Can I add new plugins or themes to my site?

It is not possible to add plugins or themes to your site. The DMU Commons is a ‘what you see is what you get’ resource. Periodically, as part of the system update process new functionality (including plugins and themes) that may be of benefit to all users of the Commons may be added by the application support team.