How do I add an image to one of my blog posts?

NOTE: You MUST NOT use images on your site for which you do not have copyright clearance.


You can either upload an image to the Commons to use on your blog, use an image that’s hosted elsewhere on the Internet, or use an image that’s already been uploaded to your blog.

When writing a new post/page, click on the Add Media button above the toolbar to begin the process of adding an image.


A. To upload an image from your computer:

1. Make sure the Upload Files tab is selected.


2. Drag and drop the image file into the drag and drop area.

3. Your file will now be uploaded to your Commons site.

4. Once it’s uploaded, an attachment details window will appear in which you can set the details for how your image will appear in your post/page.


5. When the details are set click the Insert into Post/Page button.

B. To use an image hosted on the internet: Select Insert from URL in the Insert Media area


2. Paste the URL of the image you want to use in the Insert from URL area.

3. Add a title for the image where it says ‘title’ (just a word will do, this is not the same as a caption)

4. Click Insert into Post/Page

C. To use an image already hosted on your blog:

1. Ensure the Media Library tab is selected


2. Locate the image in the Media Library that you want to use and click to select it. Set the details for how your image will appear in your post/page in the Attachment Details window.

3. Click Insert into Post/Page