Social Media Tools

The DMU Commons has an integrated suite of social media tools. Registered members of the DMU Commons have access to these tools which can be used to:

  • Manage online profiles
  • Create and organise groups
  • Dynamically connect and interact with other registered Commons users

The Social tab can be used by all Commons visitors to browse the DMU Commons space, as follows:

  • Blogs – list all registered sites on the DMU Commons in the order of most recently active
  • Members – lists all registered members of the DMU Commons in the order of most recently active, and allows site users to view a members profile
  • Groups – lists all registered group on the DMU Commons in the order of most recently active
  • Posts – links to Pan-OurDMU, an area where all DMU Commons blog posts (past and present) are listed in a searchable archive


Accessing your social media profile and information

About Groups – including how to create a Group, and add media content to a group

Accessing your Social Media space on the Commons

When you log in to the DMU Commons as a registered user you will have access to your user profile menu. You can access the profile menu by hovering your cursor over your user name at the top right of the menu bar.


This menu provides access to the following user profile information which is integrated into the Commons Social Media spaces:

> Activity

Shows all of your recent activity on the DMU Commons.


There are several sub-sections in the activity area:

  • Personal – you can post updates from the personal area, these updates will be visible in the sitewide activity area
  • Mentions – Commons users can post public messages to each other, any such public mentions that have been directed to you are listed in your Mentions section.
  • Favourites – Commons users can ‘favourite’ the individual posts of other commons users. Any posts that you have ‘favourited’ will appear in your favourites section.
  • Groups – lists all activities in groups that you are a member of

> Profile


There are two sub-sections in the activity area:

  • Edit – allows you to change your display name (note: this is NOT your user name)
  • Change Avatar – allows you to change or add a new avatar image

> Sites

Lists all sites for which the user has administrator rights


> Notifications

Lists all of your notifications, such as mentions and group activities


> Friends

Lists all of your ‘friends’


There is a Requests sub-section in the friends area, this lists any current friend requests that are awaiting your response

> Groups

Lists all groups that you are a member of


Creating a Group

All registered DMU Commons users are able to create groups. Group can be made public (everyone in the world can join the group), private (site visitors and registered users must request to join a private group) or hidden (only registered commons users can join the group, and only if they are invited by a group admin with whom they are a ‘friend’)

To create a new group:

1. From your profile menu select: Groups > Create a Group


You will then be required to complete the following steps:

a. Give the group a name; and a description (if required)

b. Choose if the group will be public, private or hidden

c. Select which members of the group will be able to invite people to join the group (if hidden)

d. set the email notification settings for group members

e. choose an avatar (image/logo) for your group (you can skip this step and a default avatar will be used)

f. choose which group members can upload media content (images, audio, video) to the group

g. select any external blogs that you would like to feed into the group

As a group administrator you will be able to edit the group settings at any time

Adding media content to a group

1. In the Group area, click Media – this will display the media gallery and the option to upload media


2. Click Upload

a. Drag and drop the files that you want to upload into the file upload window (shown below) – or use the Select your files/Add more files button. If you have created media Albums for your group you can select the album into which the media is uploaded using the Album drop-down menu – the default album is called Wall Posts. > Tell me how to create albums

b. Click the Start Upload button.


Creating media content albums

To create a media album in a group:

1. From the Media Gallery area click Options and select Add Album


2. Give the album a title and click Create Album


3. Clicking the Albums tab will open a list of the group media albums