The DMU Commons is a platform that allows staff and students to blog and set up their own websites.

DMU Commons has been relaunched following recent maintenance works to ensure resilience and increase protection against cyber-attacks.

Getting Started

The platform remains available to all staff and students however site owners will need to re-register with their DMU credentials in order to continue to use this service.

Login and then create a site.

Where is my old site?

The DMU Commons Archive hosts older site content and is available at https://our-archive.dmu.ac.uk. Please note, the DMU Commons Archive service is read-only and only available from devices on campus.

If you had an old site on the DMU Commons, you can access it by replacing the domain in the site’s URL e.g. if your site was called mysite.our.dmu.ac.uk this is now available at mysite.our-archive.dmu.ac.uk.

Site owners who require public access to old sites are advised to create a new website and copy the contents there.

Additional Support

Staff requiring additional support should contact their ELT Project Officer.

ITMS can assist staff with migrating old websites to the new platform, however note requests will be placed in a dedicated queue and the process may take a few months. Should you require migration support, please log a call with the ITMS Service Desk and they will review your request and advise on timelines.

Advice for students using DMU Commons is available via the ITMS Service Desk. ITMS cannot assist with student website migration.